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Charred is a backyard cooking at its greatest. We are NOT just a burger joint we are a burgers with passions lead by award winning executive chef Santiago Daniel, in Herndon Virginia. Not only Burgers our Fried and Grilled Chicken sandwiches with our sauces made in-house, are melting in your mouth. Our goal is to provide fresh, delicious, and locally conscience  food, while supporting the community through the use of local produce, products and charities.

Charred Burger and Fries dispenses Wood- grilled burgers and related items from its kitchen in a beautiful shopping plaza in Herndon…The Charred beef burger and Chicken Sandwiches, Wraps, Sides, are robust, yet clean, the meat is local and supplied by The Capital Meat Company. We also put our attention towards vegetable and nutritious options. We are driven to provide the best options for all of our products, and mindful of our guests needs. We will feature locally sourced specials and items through-out the year, as well as working on nutritionally balanced and seasonal menu options.

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Charred Burgers

Charred Burgers


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